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Technical information
Description: Tilt/Trim Motor
Ref. Ebat: 4-1044T
Type: NEW
Voltage: 12 V
Rotation: CW/CCW
Weight: 1.34 Kg
Warranty: 3 months
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  • YAMAHA .- Models 115TRJ, 115TLR, 115TRX, 130TLR, 130TRX, 150TRJ, 150TLR, 150TXR, 175TLR, 175TXR, 200TLR, 225TLR, B115TLR, C115TLR, C115TR, C115TXR, C150TLR, C150TXR, D150TLR, L130TXR, L150TXR, L200TXR, P150TLR, P175TLR, P200TLR, S115TLR, S115TXR, S130TLR,S130TXR, S

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